Wood-destroying insects and organisms can cause unseen damage to a home, making it dangerous to residents. Before selling your home, you must undergo inspections to ensure your home is safe and to address any necessary repairs.

Wood-destroying inspections are a specific examination meant to find any structural damage pests cause to a home. If you’re selling your home in Broward County, Florida, you must get wood-destroying inspections. Reach out to Royal Pest & Termite, Inc. for licensed inspections and exceptional customer service.

Wood-Destroying Inspection Process

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A wood-destroying inspection is a visual check of a home to look for live insects that may cause damage to wood. The examination also involves finding signs of wood-destroying insects in the space, like holes.

Inspectors will enter a home and check any visible areas. Often, inspections are done with flashlights, magnifying devices and screwdrivers. Inspectors must also check attic spaces, so they may bring ladders. Inspections look for any organism that can impact the structural integrity of the wood, including:

  • Termites.
  • Wood-boring beetles.
  • Dry rot and wet rot.

Many states require homeowners to get a wood-destroying organism inspection report before selling a house. An inspection report notes any damage done, repair recommendations and an estimated repair price. The repair price may include any expected costs to rid the property of organisms and repair damaged structures.

Florida requires these inspections to ensure houses are safe for future residents. The inspection will also provide information that buyers can use to determine a property’s overall value.

About Our Service

If you’re looking for a wood-destroying insect inspection company, Royal Pest & Termite, Inc. can help. Florida also requires you to have a WDO report when you decide to refinance your home as well. Our company is licensed to perform inspections for termites and other wood-destroying organisms for your Florida home. We follow the rules set by the Florida Department of Agriculture to conduct a thorough and non-invasive inspection. 

When you contact us for inspection services, we’ll look at common infestation areas on the structure’s interior and exterior. In outdoor spaces, we inspect structures connected to the house, including planter boxes, siding, fences, exterior doors and windows. Inside, we check interior walls, baseboards, wood flooring and cabinets. 

Working with Royal Pest & Termite, Inc. brings several benefits, such as:

  • Professional staff: Our inspectors stay up to date on current requirements for inspection to provide the best service.
  • Pet-friendly company: We named our business after our beloved pet to show our commitment to keeping every member of your family safe during inspections and treatment, including furry friends.
  • Caring inspections: During the inspection process, we’ll provide as little interruption to your home and life as possible while taking care to examine every space.

Get Your Wood-Destroying Inspection Today!

Insects can cause unseen damage to the structures in your home. If you want to sell your property, a wood-destroying inspection is necessary. Our friendly and professional staff will walk you through the inspection process from start to finish. We’ll explain any findings so you can take the steps you need to sell your home.

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