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Bee Control Service in Miramar, FL & Surrounding Cities Like Pembroke Pines & Davie

Our bee control service starts with an initial assessment to determine the best treatment method.

Bees are vital to our ecosystem but can become a nuisance when they build their hive on or near your home or business. If you're dealing with a bee problem on your property, we have you covered! At Royal Pest & Termite, we offer a bee control service that starts with an initial assessment, which involves inspecting the area to determine the extent of the infestation and going over the best treatment method. Depending on the situation, we will utilize one or multiple treatments to carefully and effectively eliminate them, such as flushing them out, using pheromone sticky traps, dusting, or administering a surfactant.

We proudly serve residential and commercial properties in Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Davie, and other nearby areas in Florida. Call us at (754) 800-5284 to schedule our bee control service!

We'll Perform an Initial Assessment to Identify the Severity of the Bee Infestation

Upon signing up for our bee control service, you can expect us to start with an initial assessment to identify the severity of the bee infestation. During this, we'll talk about the bee activity you've observed and how long it has been going on. Then, our team will thoroughly inspect the area where the hive is, wearing a bee suit if necessary. Once we understand what we're dealing with, we'll discuss a treatment plan and schedule a time to safely and effectively eliminate the infestation. Additionally, we'll let you know if special equipment is needed to reach the nest, which usually occurs when it's in a palm tree, under the eaves of a multi-story building, or another higher, hard-to-reach spot.

What types of treatment methods do we use for our bee control service?

A worker in Miramar, FL, climbing a ladder to treat a bee hive.

Our priority is to provide the most effective results from our bee control service while ensuring our team and others are safe. So, we tailor our treatments based on the situation and extent of the infestation. We utilize different types of treatment methods, including flushing, surfactant applications, dusting, and pheromone sticky traps.

If we're dealing with a small colony that has been there for less than six months, we'll flush out the bees and spray them with a surfactant as they emerge from the nest. We'll also do a dust application for the entry of the hive to further flush out and eliminate them. On the other hand, we'll treat large, easy-to-access bee colonies with a heavy surfactant application. We may also hang pheromone sticky traps if we can't treat the nest during the ideal times of the day, namely before sunrise or after dusk.

We'll follow up with you 24 hours after we treat your property for bees to gauge the effectiveness of our service and return to re-treat if necessary.

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Do you need help getting rid of bees from your property? If so, look no further than our team at Royal Pest & Termite. From our initial assessment of the bee infestation to carrying out treatments - we'll follow proper processes, utilize only the best products, and wear the necessary safety equipment to handle the issue and exceed your expectations.

Our premier bee control service is available to residential and commercial properties in Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Davie, FL, and throughout the surrounding areas. Contact us at (754) 800-5284 to schedule a consultation for our bee control service today!

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