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Our company mission is to optimize the pest control industry with our services! We seek customer satisfaction above everything else! Here at Royal Pest and Termite, we can prevent and diminish any harm caused by pests on your home and property!

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At Royal Pest & Termite Inc., we offer several services such as:

We also offer additional services that can be added to your desired service. Located in South Florida, we serve several areas including Miramar, Miami Gardens, & more!

We offer both residential and commercial pest control services to ensure the safety of your home or business. We value providing the best pest control services while keeping all family members and pets safe throughout each service. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce and FPRMA, our team provides customized plans to suit the needs of each specific customer!

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Our Pest Control Services

Royal Pest is Pet Friendly and Pet Safe

Ants are known to be some of the most pestering of insects in South Florida. Whether we are outside in the backyard, or even in the kitchen, ants are among the last things we want to come across! Ants are known to enter from the tiniest areas and cracks in your home, seeking water or greasy substances. Prevent these critters from climbing into your home with our assistance!

Termites can emerge through their existing food sources or tunnels. They have been known to cause immense financial damage, as well as physical damage to homes and businesses. With the assistance of Royal Pest, you can eliminate the potential damage that termites cause!

Protecting your home means maintaining it from the start! Lawn care is an essential part of maintaining your home and ensuring quality throughout. With such a high degree of exposure to pests and diseases, our lawn care services are the key to ensuring complete safety for your family at all times! Our company goes above and beyond to ensure quality lawn care for our clients!

Golden-yellow and brown in appearance, bees are winged insects with more than 20,000 species. Letting bee hives form near your home can be dangerous since when provoked- bees sting. The only way to get rid of bees is to remove the hive completely. We take care of any bee infestations you may have in any area of your home. Schedule an inspection with us to eliminate the pest

Rodents are often found hiding in isolated spaces throughout the house such as attics and walls. Aside from disruptive noises, rodents can carry diseases and damage to your home or business. Explore our resources on how to eliminate rodents with Royal Pest & Termite Inc.

Having wood-destroying insects in your home can cause damage to your home or business that can slowly deteriorate your structure. Royal Pest & Termite Inc. provides detailed, customized wood-destroying inspections to ensure that your home and structure are safe from these insects.


We at Royal Pest and Termite Inc. have been serving the South Florida community for all of your pest control related needs for the last decade.

“It’s been about a month since I received help from this company and I have not had a problem since. Chris and his team are great! They are professional, caring and very knowledgeable I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of pest control services!”

Christina Saint-Ilma

“Royal was recommended by the best termite control company I’ve ever known (I’m a real estate broker in Florida, so deal withtermite companiesall the time) and Royal was phenomenal! Highly professional, always responsive, extremely knowledgeable and as pleasant as any firm I’ve ever dealt with. They didn’t find any evidence of live WDOs and told me so, but I’m selling an older house and the price was so reasonable, I was able to have the property tented, if for no other reason, to overcome any suspicion of WDOs as many buyer’s home inspectors make up issues. I would highly recommend this firm, as a real estate professional, even to my family.”

Lisa Ford

“Consummate professionals. Excellent communication. Started and finished on time.
I hope to never need termite treatment again, but if I do, I would use Royal Pest again 100%”

Milena Petrova

“Very happy with the services that they provided. Corina was very helpful and polite and the field team handled everything professionally. Royal pest & termite exceeded my expectations and I would recommend them to you, all, everybody!”

Jeff Manrique

“It is so hard to find companies that care so much about their customers nowadays. You will not be disappointed with their service and willingness to solve your problem. 100% recommend.”

Manuel Savino

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Royal Pest is Pet Friendly and Pet Safe