Termite Control

Termites are a critical issue, and can become even more critical when left untreated! Royal Pest and Termite specializes in this area and can help prevent any further damage to your property! Without proper care, termite damage can be financially and physically detrimental to your home or business! Call us today to eliminate your termite issues and prevent them from ever returning!…

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Pest Control

Pest control has become an undermined issue in today’s world. Because of lackluster companies changing the industry reputation, many individuals choose to ignore their pest problems, rather than eliminate them! Royal Pest and Termite has our customer’s best interest in mind. We control pests through the elimination of existing pests, as well as take preventative measures for our customers! Our professionalism and commitment to pest control can help transform your pest situation!…

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More Services

Rodents can hide in spaces like walls and even in house’s attic. It’s vital to start with a proper inspection of the property to determine where these pests are getting into your home.

Wood Destroying Organization Reports

We conduct home inspections while looking for numerous types wood-destroying insects. A WDO is can be required in some states.

Pre-Treatment Certification

A pre-treatment can prevent termites from the beginning stages of commercial and residential home construction.

We take care of any bee infestations you may have in any area of your home. Schedule an inspection with us to eliminate the pest.

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