Pest Control Services in Lighthouse Point, FL

Pests can be more than an inconvenience— these unwanted guests can take over your property and wreak havoc when left untreated.

At Royal Pest & Termite, Inc., we offer several full-service pest control in Lighthouse Point, FL, aimed at handling various kinds of problems effectively. Our team is passionate about helping you prevent infestation and remove pests from your home or business.

Targeting Common Pests in Lighthouse Point

Lighthouse Point showcases lush natural scenery and is home to many different types of creatures. Our team has extensive experience and expertise dealing with some of the most commonly found pests in this area, including:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Bed bugs
  • Mosquitoes
  • Rodents
  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish

Our Pest and Termite Control Services

Royal Pest & Termite, Inc. is the premier choice for high-quality pest and termite control in Lighthouse Point. Our expert technicians are skilled at performing several pest control services, using pet-friendly treatments in and outside your property. Our services include:

Lawn Care

Maintaining a healthy lawn can be challenging when pests are chewing away at your plants, leaving brown spots on the grass or creating holes in the ground. Using science-based treatments, our team can control the insect population in your yard and remove unwanted pests. Our lawn care services keep your landscaping green and beautiful.

Termite Services

Our termite solutions include pretreatment and control services. When you’re building a new construction or an additional structure on your property, our termite pretreatment services can help reduce the number of termites in your space and prevent structural damage.

If you suspect that you have termites in your home or business, our technicians can provide termite control treatment to exterminate the pests and minimize the damage.

Pest Control

Our pest control services cover a broad range of insects and other creatures in the region. You can count on our experts for various types of pest control, from live-trapping common wildlife in the area, like raccoons and possums, to cockroach and spider removal in Lighthouse Point.

Rodent Removal

Are rodents invading your property and gnawing through your electrical wiring? We offer rodent extermination services to help remove unwanted mice and rats from your home and prevent damage from infestation.

Bee Control

Our skilled technicians can remove bees and other stinging bugs like wasps and hornets from your property. Our bee control services encompass assessing the invasion’s severity, removing the bees and cleaning the area to prevent future infestation.

Why Choose Royal Pest & Termite, Inc?

As a family-owned business, we understand the need for an attentive and personalized approach to pest control services. Our team will assess your situation thoroughly and customize a treatment plan to suit your needs.

We start with an inspection to identify the pests and the extent of the infestation. Then, we use state-of-the-art techniques and pet and family-friendly solutions to protect them during the process.

Get Effective Pest Control in Lighthouse Point

Whether you’re looking for a rodent removal expert or ant exterminator in Lighthouse Point, we have the expertise to ensure your property is pest-free. Contact us to schedule a service today.