Pest Control in Hillsboro Beach, Florida

Hillsboro Beach, Florida, is a gorgeous beach town that’s home to a vast range of wildlife, including its beloved sea turtles. Although we love the wildlife in our community, we understand that insects and rodents become destructive pests when they invade homes and businesses and need to be removed.

If you’ve discovered a pest problem, no matter how large or small, Royal Pest & Termite, Inc., is ready to help. We are a pet-friendly, customer-focused pest control company with experience solving pest issues throughout Florida. Call us at 754-800-5284 or text us at (754) 800-5284 to schedule a service today.

Our Wildlife Pest Control Services in Hillsboro Beach

We use science-backed methods to exterminate and prevent any pest you find in your residential or commercial property, such as:

Our commonly requested services include:

Termite Tenting in Hillsboro Beach, Florida

Termites thrive in Florida’s climate and are a common problem for property owners. It’s estimated that 98% of the fumigations performed in Florida every year are due to drywood termites. Subterranean termites are also an issue, costing property owners thousands of dollars yearly to repair the damage they cause.

If you have signs of a termite infestation, don’t wait to call a professional. Termites can be highly destructive if left unaddressed. At Royal Pest & Termite, Inc., we’ll resolve your termite problem using effective fumigation methods and take measures to prevent future infestations.

We also offer pretreatment services to protect your property against termites before they become an issue.

Roach Control in Hillsboro Beach

Cockroaches can carry germs, trigger allergy symptoms and chew through various materials. Various types of these creepy crawlies, such as American and German cockroaches, are common in Florida.

Discovering signs of a roach infestation is a troubling experience, but have no fear. We’ll use highly effective integrated pest management techniques to solve your cockroach problem and bring you peace of mind.

Hillsboro Beach Rodent Removal

Rodents like mice and rats can cause destruction in gardens and homes and spread diseases. If these pests have invaded your space, you can count on us to handle it.

Using humane methods, we’ll remove rodents from your property. We will then seal their entrances so they cannot return and clean up any nests they’ve left behind.

Why Choose Us for Pest Control?

You’ve worked hard to preserve your Hillsboro Beach property and deserve the best pest control company you can find. That’s why you should call us.

With Royal Pest & Termite, Inc., you can expect:

  • Superior service: We are committed to your satisfaction and will work with you to ensure you’re happy with our services. Our team will also gladly accommodate special situations, doing whatever it takes to meet your needs while eliminating a pest problem.
  • Passion for quality: Our licensed, insured and highly trained technicians apply the most effective methods tailored to your situation to exterminate pests. We will also recommend long-term solutions to keep your property pest-free.
  • Family values: We value family, including our pets, and will treat your family with great care and consideration throughout the process.

Make Your Property Feel Like Home Again

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