Pest Control in Davie, Florida

Davie, Florida, is near Miami and surrounded by the Everglades, so it offers close proximity to metropolitan experiences and natural retreats. However, despite Davie’s many benefits, the city is also home to pests that sometimes try to invade residents’ houses and businesses.

Royal Pest & Termite, Inc. offers pest control services to eliminate ants, roaches, mosquitos, termites and other nuisances around your property. Our tailored approach ensures you get the best solution for your specific situation.

Pest Control Services in Davie

At Royal Pest & Termite, Inc., we offer an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process, which involves inspections to determine the type of pest present. Once we identify the problem, we use targeted methods to address that intruder. Our pest control protocol includes the following services.

Pest Control

Our pest control services address common local bugs and rodents like:

  • Roaches
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Mice
  • Nesting wasps

Whether you have an ant problem or need roach removal services on a Davie property, we’re nearby to help. We eliminate pests in your home or outdoor areas, keeping your space free of pesky critters.

Beyond our regular pest control package, we offer add-on services to address other issues, such as mosquitos, raccoons and iguanas.

Termite Control

Over time, termites do extensive damage to your house. We provide wood-destroying insect inspections to determine whether you need termite treatment. If we detect an infestation, we will identify whether your home has dry-wood, subterranean or Formosan termites and treat the structure accordingly. Our services in Davie encompass termite fumigation or bait and trenching depending on the species.

Our approach to pest control includes prevention as well. Reduce the chances of a termite infestation from the start with our termite pre-treatment services for new buildings.

Rodent Elimination

Rodents like mice and rats often sneak into your walls through small gaps and set up nests in isolated areas. These creatures can carry diseases and create fire risks by gnawing on electrical cables, so they must be removed. Our rodent elimination services involve identifying nests and entry points. After our initial inspections, we remove pests, clean up nests and seal entry holes. We’ll get your home rodent-free and reduce the chances of future infestations.

The Royal Pest & Termite, Inc. Difference

Within the pest control industry, you’ll find vast differences in quality depending on the company you choose to offer services. At Royal Pest & Termite, Inc., we prioritize providing high-quality pest control services that give you peace of mind on every level.

Beyond offering effective control, we carefully select the products we use. We named our company after our family dog as a sign of our commitment to caring for the health of your pets and family members. Our company is also a member of the Florida Pest Management Association, which allows us to stay up to date on the latest methods for addressing pests.

Royal Pest & Termite, Inc. is committed to reliability and service, offering the capabilities of a large company with the personalized service of a small, tight-knit crew.

Call Us for Pest Control

Whether you need rodent control or mosquito spraying in Davie, Florida, reach out online or give us a call at 754-800-5284 or text us at (754)-800-5284 — if you text, you can send along a photo of the pests so we can identify the problem. Get in touch for a free estimate on our pest control services!