German Roaches

One of the most unpleasant pest problems businesses and homeowners can face is a roach infestation. German roaches are a problematic species in South Florida — no one wants to switch on the kitchen light to find these creepy brown critters scurrying for shelter. Knowing how to identify German roaches and who to call when you spot them is essential to successfully eliminating these pests.

What Are German Roaches?

Cockroaches come in multiple species and varying shades of black and brown. The German roach is a light brown or tan-colored variety of the small cockroach species. This oval-shaped pest has two prominent dark stripes running the length of its back from the head, almost parallel to each other. German roach nymphs are almost black, and the females of the species are typically slightly darker than the males.

These winged roaches prefer crawling over flying. They appear in sizes ranging from as small as ½ inch up to 5/8 inch long.

Signs of a German Roach Infestation

If you’ve spotted one German roach, it’s time to determine whether you have a problem on your hands. The following are clear signs of a German roach infestation:

  • You’ve seen tiny black roach droppings in corners or near small openings.
  • There are small brown purse-shaped roach egg capsules present.
  • You smell an unpleasant, musty odor, which worsens over time.
  • You find a dead roach, indicating a growing population with limited resources.

How to Get Rid of German Roaches

It’s best to call the pros rather than attempt to rid your property of German roaches yourself. That said, there are a few steps you can take while you wait:

  1. Inspect your interior for droppings, eggs and carcasses to determine the extent of the infestation.
  2. Vacuum these areas and immediately dispose of the sealed vacuum cleaner bag in an outdoor bin.
  3. Clean and set bait stations or gel bait in the gaps and openings where you’ve seen activity. The roaches will eat the bait, infect each other and die.

Let the Experts Eliminate Your German Roach Problem

Royal Pest & Termite, Inc. delivers effective pest control services in South Florida. Our work is in line with the Integrated Pest Management System (IPM), employing methods that are safe for pets, people and the environment. When you contact our seasoned team, you can expect comprehensive services:

  • We will conduct a thorough property inspection to identify and assess the pest problem.
  • Our experts will discuss the issue with you to ensure our approach meets your needs.
  • We will create a tailored pest treatment plan to eliminate the problem, starting with the safest methods.
  • If our initial plan is unsuccessful, we’ll adjust the treatment, keeping the safety and comfort of your family, pets and employees at the top of our minds.

Reach out to South Florida’s Leading Roach Control Service

With our extensive experience servicing the greater South Florida community, you can trust Royal Pest & Termite, Inc. to eradicate your German roach invasion carefully and efficiently. Our fully licensed and insured team is ready to apply their training and knowledge to your pest problem and restore your property to the comfortable space it should be. Contact us online or give our team a call today to schedule your inspection.