We at Royal Pest and Termite have been serving the South Florida community for all royal guarantee of your pest control related needs for the last decade. We have technicians that have worked for all of the major pest control companies. Many people choose their paths in life and we are excited for the team that has come together to serve you here at Royal Pest & Termite.

We at Royal Pest & Termite do not believe in contracts in the normal ways people think. The only paper work that you sign with us is agreements. Agreements that allow us on your property to treat your needs.

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Our Satisfaction Guarantee is unique in the sense that we want you to be happy but we also want to know where we went wrong with our service to you. We believe that even poor experiences can be beneficial if we use them as a learning experience. If you are unhappy at any time, please inform your technician and we will begin to treat your property at no cost until you are happy. If we can not get it right we will return the amount you paid for your last service.

No Contracts

Royal Pest and Termite Inc. is the ultimate leading company in pest and termite control. We specialize in a variety of areas and seek to optimize customer satisfaction at all times! One thing that separates us from just any pest control company is this commitment to our clients! We eliminated the need for contracts in an effort to maximize our customer experience! We want you to be 100% content with our services and can return to us at any time! Make the right choice for your household or business. Call Royal…

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