Home pests are unwelcome visitors. When you notice ants, spiders or roaches crawling around your house, your instinct may be to call the first pest elimination company you can find. Doing a little research on how to pick an exterminator before hiring a company can ensure you get effective pest control.

What to Do Before Hiring a Pest Control Company

Before scheduling service with a local company for residential pest control, research what makes a good pest control company and which companies you can trust in your local area. You can do this in a few ways. An excellent way to begin is by asking friends for recommendations or searching for trusted companies online.

As you search, match your pest situation to a qualified company. One pest control company might be an expert in controlling spiders, but they may not be the best fit if your house needs ant removal. As you find companies matching your situation, interview the business and its pest control team to determine whether they are qualified and a good fit.

After finding a qualified company, ask them how to prepare for the visit. They might ask you to tidy the space or move furniture for more effective treatment. Make plans for children and pets on the service day to protect them from any chemicals used for pest control.

What to Look for When Hiring an Exterminator

As you narrow down pest control companies, look for these signals as an indicator of their professionalism:

  • A long service record with many years in business
  • Positive reviews online or recommendations from friends and neighbors
  • Licensed pesticide applicators or technicians
  • Liability insurance to cover damages while treating the pests

They might display this information on their website, or you can contact the company to ask about these details. To determine whether a pest control company and its technicians have the proper certifications, search for their name on the Department of Agriculture website.

You should also look for warning signs like pest control services that come to your home uninvited, offering free inspections or discounted services. Get a written quote to determine your pricing before hiring a company.

Benefits of Choosing Royal Pest & Termite

We serve southern Florida with control services for many varieties of pests. We are fully licensed and insured, with a long service record and many satisfied customers. Our technicians also provide unmatched care for your family and pets throughout the pest elimination process. We even named our company after our family’s dog to indicate our commitment to your loved ones and furry friends.

We also use Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a highly effective, environmentally friendly approach to controlling pests. This management approach begins with a thorough inspection to understand your infestation so we can offer the most effective treatment.

Get Started With Us Today!

When searching for the best pest control company, you need a certified, professional team that cares for your home and its residents. Royal Pest & Termite meets all of these qualifications, providing quality pest removal for any problem you face. Get in touch with us online to discuss our services today.