As temperatures rise during the summer, pests in Florida increase in numbers. Insects and other pests often flourish during summers in this state due to the abundance of light, increased humidity and more frequent air movement. As their populations grow around your home, these invaders can cause discomfort and damage.

Common Pests in South Florida During Summertime

Knowing more about Florida house bugs can help you identify them. Also, when you recognize the common pests in the summer, you can call a pest control company to stop the infestations before they become serious.


These bothersome pests are one of the most common summer bugs, as they thrive in warm, moist environments like Florida’s climate. These insects are attracted to humans and often cause painful and annoying bites. In rare cases, these bites can even lead to disease. You can lessen the chances of an infestation by eliminating standing water and grass clippings around your property.


Spiders often appear in significant numbers during the summer because the extended daylight and warm temperatures give them more time to hunt for food. They are hard to spot because they create webs in hidden places like windowsills or dark corners. These pests often invade homes seeking warmth and a food source and are hard to eliminate without professional services.

You should especially look for black widow and recluse spiders, which have nonfatal but painful venomous bites.


Ants live in large colonies, making infestations common. They need warmth to survive, so they are often more prevalent during the summer. Ants can also carry diseases like typhus and tuberculosis. Fire ants, aggressive red insects, inflict painful bites and often create nests in flat, sunny locations. When you see long trails of ants around your property, you should call a pest control company.


Termites are attracted to moist decaying wood and often seek to expand their colonies during the summer. As they chew through wood, they can cause extensive structural damage within a few months, meaning you want to identify and control the invasion quickly. You can spot termites through signs like droppings, wings and wood dust.

Bed Bugs

These tiny pests are more common during the summer because they are skilled hitchhikers and often travel on families taking vacations. You might spot an infestation through blood spots or dropping marks on sheets. Identifying and preventing an infestation early is much easier and less costly.

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