The climate here in South Florida makes it a perfect breeding ground for Bugs, especially Termites. The Termites here live in our soil, trees, gardens and in thousands of homes throughout our area, and are responsible for wreaking havoc and costing homeowners literally millions of dollars in damage repairs and treatment costs every year. So anyone looking to purchase a home in South Florida should be aware of this and take the following steps prior to purchasing the home.

Hire a licensed Pest Control company to do a Wood Destroying Organism Report on the house, more commonly known as a Termite Report. This is a visual inspection of all exposed wood for termites and other Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) such as Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Powder Post Beetle and Wood Decay Fungus, to name a few. The report will list areas with active WDO’s, any active WDO’s are listed as Live Activity on the report. When the inspector lists something as being alive, it means they actually saw a LIVE WDO, meaning the bug itself moving. Anything else such as damage, wings, dead body parts or droppings will be listed as evidence. This distinction is important!!! Evidence of Termites does not mean that you have an infestation.

A very high percentage of older homes in South Florida have some type of evidence of termites. Even though the vast majority have been treated in the past. Most homeowners do not crawl up in the attic to repair superficial damage or sweep up droppings and termite wings. Therefore, in many cases, the evidence remains. Due to this issue, the inspector will also try to determine if the house has ever been treated for termites. Equipping yourself with this report will help you make a more informed decision on your purchase.

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