Big-headed ants are an ant species that breed and multiply quickly, resulting in large super colonies and making them troublesome pests. Once settled in, these unwelcome insects can be tough to eliminate, which is why you’ll need the help of an experienced pest control service. The Royal Pest & Termite, Inc. team is committed to delivering proficient and safe pest control services tailored to your needs. Contact Royal Pest & Termite, Inc. for your targeted big-headed ant eradication plan.

What Do Big-Headed Ants Look Like?

As the name suggests, this ant typically has a large head disproportionate to its body size. The feature is most noticeable in the major worker ants within the colony, while smaller minor workers display more proportionate attributes. You’ll find these pesky critters in slightly different colors, ranging from a deep golden yellow to light and dark brown hues. Big-headed ants can also vary in size but are generally between 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch long.

Signs of a Big-Headed Ant Infestation

These ants tend to build nests outdoors in the ground, sometimes under something like a stone or old piece of wood and close to a building’s foundation. You can spot a big-headed ant infestation by the small mounds of soil present around their nest openings.

While big-headed ants aren’t known to nest indoors, you may spot a colony’s major worker ants in your home when they’re hunting for food. These tiny pests often enter homes through cracks in foundations.

How to Get Rid of Big-Headed Ants

Getting your big-headed ant invasion under control is a long and challenging process, especially when dealing with a sizeable colony, so it’s best to employ the services of trained professionals. An effective control plan will generally take four to six weeks to start working and may include a combination of steps such as:

  • Examining areas close to vegetation and the house’s foundation to locate nests.
  • Applying specialized ant control treatment to the building’s foundation and indoor baseboards.
  • Placing bait outdoors around the building, usually close to nests.

Royal Pest & Termite, Inc. Stops Big-Headed Ants in Their Tracks

When facing a big-headed ant infestation, a logical and systematic approach is necessary to ensure you remove the colony. We follow a highly effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system, so you can expect the following:

  • When you contact us, we’ll arrange to inspect your premises to confirm that you have a big-headed ant problem and locate the nests.
  • While at your location, we’ll speak to you about your requirements to ensure there’s minimal disruption before planning our approach.
  • Our trained technicians will design a customized plan to target and eradicate the big-headed ants effectively.
  • As we execute our plan, we’ll monitor its efficacy and adjust if needed.

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