• After the fumigation process is completed, there are some things that you can expect to see right after, as well as after some time has passed.You may still see evidence left over from the termites after the fumigation and in the future just from movements in the house. Such as leftover wings and droppings that have stayed inside the walls or in the damaged areas which were infested.

  • You may see ants after the fumigation also that come in to eat the dead termites. This can also leave small dirt piles.

  • There are also different kinds of termites. You may have been fumigated for Dry-wood Termites and see Formosan Termites or Subterranean Termites in the future. Formosan termites are typically bigger and during the swarm season can be found swarming around outside near lights. Subterranean Termites make mud tubes and a different method is used to treat them. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the termites you were fumigated for are back.

  • If Dry-wood termites or bed bugs are the pest you are targeting, the fumigation process should completely take care of every last bug. However, it is also possible for a re-infestation of the same pest to happen somewhere down the road. Structural fumigation is not a guarantee against future infestations; it is simply used to wipe out a current pest problem. If you happen to see the same issue in years down the road, don’t think that your treatment failed. It simply means that yet another infestation has found its way into your home.